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Changed Lives May 3, 2011

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*Olivia is 16 years old. She came to Safe Refuge when she was 14. Olivia’s mom Lei  is a prostitute. Olivia was exposed to a life of repeated sexual abuse, rape, and emotional and physical torment. She came to Safe Refuge when she was 4 months pregnant. She was very angry. A smart girl, who dreamed of finishing her education, Olivia hated the baby for keeping her from her dreams.

But  Olivia came to know Jesus several weeks into her stay at Safe. She asked lots of questions and soaked up the bible and the truth. She was desperate for truth.  Olivia went through some incredible transformations and slowly blossomed into a thriving teenage girl. Her heart and mind totally changed and much to our surprise she announced she was going to keep her baby boy. She talked about how she thought that he represented the WORST thing that had ever happened to her but because of his life she had been rescued in so many ways and he represented a new start and the revelation that God had a purpose and plan for her life. That God could turn the worst things into the best things.

Olivia was a high-risk pregnancy, she had a lot of reasons to have life threatening complications. But God intervened and Andrew was born at Safe Refuge a few months after Olivia turned 15. With the birth of her son, Olivia changed visibly into a confident mother. She KNOWS with Christ all things are possible.

On March 30, 2011 Olivia graduated from high school. She will start college in June. She wants to be a teacher.

Thanks for helping to change another life. Those who have been forced into the worst kinds of bondage, are experiencing the liberty of Jesus Christ.

Your support makes such a difference. Every dollar has a powerful impact at Safe Refuge, and I am grateful for your love.


*Names changed for protection